Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

You know how there are certain things in life that just seem so obvious you think that can’t be true! Certain consequences, like removing red wine stains by tipping white wine onto them (I still can’t believe that works!), are in fact, everywhere.

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Why You Should Try Chlorophyll Water

Yes, I am recommending to put the green pigment that's responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis in your water. Think about it – plants need chlorophyll to live – so it only makes sense that humans would benefit from it too. And we're already eating it, even if we don't realize it, in leafy green vegetables. But, if you're trying to sneak more into your diet, you should definitely try chlorophyll water.

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Chlorophyll, A Perfect Food

Chlorophyll is virtually identical to hemoglobin; it’s the plant version of our own human blood builder and oxygenator. Chlorophyll transfers oxygen to build the blood, promotes intestinal flora and assists liver cleansing.

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chlorophyll water, a must-have wonder drink

A glass of it may resemble nothing more than pond slime, but chlorophyll water is being hailed as the new must-have wonder drink because of its array of supposed health-boosting benefits.

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Why You Should Go For the Greens

Greens are a vital addition to your diet, and the high vitamin and mineral content in these verdant virtuosos contributes to healthy skin, teeth, hair and nails. If you’re looking for that flawlessly radiant complexion and shiny, luscious hair, adding more greens to your daily diet is a must.

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The Benefits Of Chlorophyll + The Best Green Juice Recipe EVER

You may have heard of chlorophyll, but do you actually know what it is, or the ah-MAY-zing health benefits it has on your body? Today I thought I would shine a little light on this incredible green goodness.

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Chlorophyll Benefits (The Plant That Improves Digestion and Weight Control)

Most people have definitely heard about chlorophyll and also know how crucial it is for plants. Science class teaches the essential role that chlorophyll plays in absorption of light to aid in photosynthesis which is how plants create energy. That is all a majority knows about chlorophyll. This article delves deeper and attempts to illustrate clearly what chlorophyll is and how chlorophyll benefits humans.

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Does Drinking Liquid Chlorophyll Improve Your Complexion?

“Chlorophyll? More like BOROphyll.”
Sorry, the inner movie-buff in me decided to make an appearance. Mad brownie points to anyone who knows what flick that’s from though.

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Boozing, Insomnia, Stress, And Other Great Reasons To Get Some Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll…chlorella…wheatgrass…barley grass...

It's getting confusing.

If I believed everything I read about these "green" products, I'd be throwing back chlorophyll and wheatgrass shots, making barley grass concoctions and swallowing chlorella tablets every few hours. My blood would also be green… but hey, it would be alkaline!

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Why Everyone Is Drinking Chlorophyll Water

You’re probably familiar with chlorophyll as the chemical that makes plants green, but did you know that you can drink it too? Yep, people are drinking chlorophyll-infused water on the premise that it provides health benefits including reduced inflammation and weight loss.

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