Chlorophyll Water Launches Landfill Biodegradable Bottles

Chlorophyll Water’s 100% recyclable, BPA-Free, and Non-Toxic 20 fluid ounce bottles will now also be Landfill Biodegradable, designed to eliminate pollution, reduce GHG emissions and recover clean renewable energy.

Three seedling plants growing in biodegradable containers

Chlorophyll Water is a plant powered purified water (carbon filtered, triple filtration, UV treated), enhanced by nature, with the addition of Chlorophyll, a key ingredient and the vital green pigment in plant life.  

Chlorophyll Water is a refreshing introduction to the many benefits of Chlorophyll, fortified with the added health benefits of Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D for enhanced hydration. According to Livestrong, Chlorophyll Water’s “purified water features a gorgeous green color and a vitamin-rich composition that helps to energize, oxygenize and detoxify the body from the inside out.”

Biodegradable chlorophyll water bottle

How It Works

Chlorophyll Water has integrated a proprietary organic additive into the bottle mold of their 100% recyclable, BPA-free and non-toxic 20 fl. oz. bottle that "accelerates the natural biodegradation of their bottle in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters." This process allows Chlorophyll Water’s bottle to be 100% recyclable, BPA-free, non-toxic and now, landfill biodegradable.  

This proprietary additive contains organic materials, designed to attract microbial activity within the landfill. When these microorganisms consume the additive material, they excrete enzymes that weaken and depolymerize the 100% recyclable non-toxic bottle. The proprietary additive accelerates the biodegradation of Chlorophyll Water bottles, by encouraging the accumulation of microorganisms and facilitating the acclamation and production of the enzymes that allow metabolization of the material.  

view from all sides of biodegradable chlorophyll water bottle

Our Bottle: ASTM D5526 shows up to 30.3% biodegradation in 390 days in landfill conditions. The normalized years to fully biodegrade is 6.82 yrs.

Many products on the market claim to be biodegradable, but are in fact only compostable and are unable to degrade in a landfill environment, or break down into smaller pieces, such as plastic flakes. Other beverage packaging such as paper or card options typically have a polymer coating that can be challenging to recycle.  

If Chlorophyll Water’s 100% recyclable bottles are not recycled after consumption, and ultimately end up in a landfill environment, then this biodegradation process eliminates Chlorophyll Water bottles from potentially becoming a pollutant, reducing GHG emissions, while capturing clean renewable energy within a landfill. The final result is biogases and inert humus. Humus, also known as the organic matter in soil, is a resource that can offer multiple benefits; helping to clean up the environment, lessen our dependence on foreign oil, decrease our use of non-renewable resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and generate clean renewable energy.

How long does it take for
Chlorophyll Water bottles to biodegrade?

First and foremost, it is always recommended to recycle Chlorophyll Water’s 100% recyclable bottle (each case of Chlorophyll Water purchased online comes with a recycling bag). According to published reports, 79% of plastics are not recycled, and in fact collected with other garbage which ultimately end up in our landfills.


Person putting empty bottle of chlorophyll water into recycling bag

There are a number of factors that contribute to the varying rates of biodegradation in landfills. The actual rate of biodegradation will depend on environmental conditions and the biological activity of microorganisms surrounding the Chlorophyll Water bottle. Testing and studies show that in 390 days, 30% of the biodegradation will occur, and in up to 6.82 years, full biodegradation will occur, and will have converted the bottle into clean renewable energy. In comparison, it takes other water bottles 450-1000 years to decompose, while also leaking pollutants into the soil and water.

Chart showing the decomposition speed of biodegradable bottles and standard plastic bottles

Recognized by Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau recently recognized Chlorophyll Water as, “Good for the Mind, the Body and the Planet.” Echoing Chlorophyll Water’s commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, Green Business Bureau states:

“Chlorophyll Water had already made some key product decisions around greening and sustainability as evidenced by their 100% Recyclable, BPA-Free, and Non-Toxic bottles, and packaging made from 100% recycled paper. But they knew this wasn’t the end of the road. And by Fall 2019, Chlorophyll Water bottles will be landfill biodegradable, designed to eliminate pollution, reduce GHG emissions, and recover renewable energy. Last, each case sold ships with a recycling bag that serves as a reminder about who they are and what they stand for.”

Chlorophyll Water Giving Back

As a company, Chlorophyll Water has always believed in a sense of Community, and their involvement with numerous charitable organizations has been a foundation to the company’s mission.  

For every case of Chlorophyll Water sold, they plant a tree in their home state of New York, through their partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501(c) non-profit foundation dedicated to global reforestation. Chlorophyll Water also built a donation platform on their website where they donate cases of Chlorophyll Water to charitable causes, including City Harvest and Movemeant Foundation, which empowers young women through body positivity.

chlorophyll water donation platform on website

Chlorophyll Water Donation Platform

Further demonstrating Chlorophyll Water’s commitment to give back, one of their missions is to hydrate the bodies of children, women, and men who do not have access to water - one of life’s most basic necessities. To help fulfill this mission the Chlorophyll Water team, along with volunteers recently served Chlorophyll Water to over 250 people at Trinity Services and Food for the Homeless.



Chlorophyll Water has also created the #PlantKindness hashtag on Twitter, donating one case of Chlorophyll Water each and every week to those whom “plant it forward,” by sharing acts of kindness, and creating social good.  


woman handing chlorophyll water to homeless man in new york

For more information on Chlorophyll Water’s volunteering efforts,

please email

"Chlorophyll is responsible—in a way— for all life on earth. It is the “blood” of plants and has blood-building properties for our red blood cells. One of the best things you can do is drink Chlorophyll Water. It is a powerful detoxifying, healing and energizing tonic."



-- Dr. Eugene Charles,

Author of Journey to Healing.

“Some of the most exciting health benefits of chlorophyll, and greens in general, are its antioxidant activity and promotion of efficient detoxification. Research supports that dietary forms of chlorophyll contribute to overall health and wellbeing by supporting these important functions. Chlorophyll Water can be a convenient way to incorporate more chlorophyll into your daily diet.”

-- Amanda Sylvie, MPH, RD, LD, CLT

Integrative & Functional Nutritionist

"Chlorophyll Water’s infused vitamin water is hydrating, refreshing and pleasant to drink. The subtly sweet water uses Copper Chlorophyllin (Chlorophyll) which is largely responsible for its attractive color and hue. With no added sugars, nor any artificial colors, sweeteners or sugar alcohols, this one's a definite choice for me.”


-- Lauren O'Connor, MS, RDN, RYT

Registered Dietitian of Nutri Savvy Health

"I’ve always loved chlorophyll for its supportive properties and its ability to help counteract the very toxic world we live in, helping me to stay alkaline. Right now I’m loving Chlorophyll Water because it’s a convenient way for me to grab and go, and I love that it has the added health benefits of purified water and vitamins.”

-- Holly Perkins, BS, CSCS

Lift To Get Lean, Author,

Women’s Strength Nation, Founder

Where To Try Chlorophyll Water

Chlorophyll Water can be purchased online at and on Chlorophyll Water is also sold in select health and wellness retailers, organic markets and yoga studios around New York, including Brooklyn and Manhattan.

By creating a 100% recyclable, BPA free, non-toxic and landfill biodegradable bottle, Chlorophyll Water is committed to taking the necessary steps to limit and ultimately cease their contribution to the world’s non-recyclable and non-degradable plastic epidemic. Chlorophyll Water will continue to be committed and at the forefront of progressive research to create, educate and source environmentally sustainable packaging.  

Chlorophyll Water is a proud partner of Green America, Green Business Bureau, National Wellness Institute of America, PETA Business Friends, Plant Based Foods Association and a Member of the National Recycling Coalition, National Waste & Recycling Association and New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.

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