Chlorophyll Water, a Natural Source of Energy

Chlorophyll vs Caffeine


Oxygen vs Caffeine

  • Natural Energy Boost
  • Hydration Reinforcement
  • Antioxidant Defense
  • Digestive Support
  • Alkalizing Properties
  • Vitamins A, B12, C and D
Enhanced mountain spring water
Enhanced mountain spring water

Chlorophyll Water® is the FIRST EVER Bottled Water in the USA to Pass Clean Label Project Certification

  • Tested for 90+ Environmental contaminants
  • No Heavy Metals
  • No Lead
  • No Mercury
  • No Pesticide Residues
  • No Plasticizers (including BPA, BPS)
Enhanced mountain spring water
Enhanced mountain spring water

Natural Energy Boost:
The Green Power Surge

While coffee is renowned for its caffeine content, chlorophyll offers a natural energy boost without the jitters and crashes associated with caffeine consumption. Chlorophyll, derived from plants, harnesses the power of the sun to convert light into energy, providing a sustained and balanced source of vitality.

While specific studies on Chlorophyll Water as an energy booster are limited, the gradual release of energy from chlorophyll aligns with the idea of sustained vitality without the abrupt spikes and crashes often experienced with coffee.

Enhanced mountain spring water
Enhanced mountain spring water

Hydration Reinforcement:
The Green Refresher

Coffee, as a diuretic, can contribute to dehydration, especially when consumed in excess. Chlorophyll Water, on the other hand, not only hydrates but also infuses your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Staying well-hydrated is key to overall well-being and supports bodily functions.

Although research directly comparing the hydration effects of Chlorophyll Water and coffee is limited, the hydrating properties of water infused with chlorophyll are in line with established principles of hydration.

Enhanced mountain spring water
Enhanced mountain spring water

Antioxidant Defense:
The Green Shield

Chlorophyll is a potent antioxidant, combating free radicals that contribute to aging and cellular damage. In contrast, coffee’s antioxidant content may be overshadowed by potential downsides associated with excessive caffeine consumption.

Studies on the antioxidant properties of chlorophyll, such as one in the “Journal of Medicinal Food” (2012), emphasize its potential in neutralizing free radicals.

Enhanced mountain spring water
Enhanced mountain spring water

Digestive Support:
The Green Soother

Coffee, particularly in large quantities, can sometimes lead to digestive discomfort. Chlorophyll, with its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, may offer a gentler alternative for those with sensitive stomachs.

Research on chlorophyll’s digestive benefits is ongoing, but some studies suggest its potential in soothing digestive issues, as seen in the “Journal of Inflammation” (2015).

Enhanced mountain spring water
Enhanced mountain spring water

Alkalizing Properties:
The Green Balancer

Chlorophyll is alkaline, helping to balance the body’s pH levels. Coffee, while acidic, may contribute to an acidic environment in the body when consumed excessively. A balanced pH is associated with overall health and vitality.

The alkalizing effects of chlorophyll are based on its chemical properties, contributing to the maintenance of a balanced pH.

As the wellness movement gains momentum, individuals are seeking alternatives that align with their health goals. While coffee remains a beloved morning companion, the green infusion of Chlorophyll Water offers a refreshing departure. By choosing chlorophyll over coffee, you embrace a natural energy source, hydration booster, and antioxidant shield—all wrapped up in a vibrant green sip.

Before making significant changes to your daily routine, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a nutritionist. Whether you find solace in the rich aroma of coffee or the verdant allure of Chlorophyll Water, the key lies in mindful consumption and a commitment to overall well-being.

Energizing Alternative to Your Morning Coffee

You probably haven’t heard much about chlorophyll since middle school science class, but this green plant pigment has officially made its way into our diet. Believed to be an antioxidant — and rich in vitamins — chlorophyll is the latest superfood ingredient added to energizing beverages.

Chlorophyll Water, which bottles the green goodness, contains water, chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B12 to support energy and well-being.

Enhanced mountain spring water

Chlorophyll…it’s a rescue remedy for coffee drinkers.

Chlorophyll…it’s a rescue remedy for coffee drinkers. Coffee and chlorophyll are like yin and yang. Coffee is acidic and chlorophyll is alkaline. A shot of chlorophyll followed by a shot of espresso: the perfect pH match.

Enhanced mountain spring water

I Replaced Coffee With Natural Energy Boosters for a Week

“Surprisingly, I felt amazing: focused, energized, and quick. Chlorophyll oxygenates the blood and boosts hemoglobin levels.”

Enhanced mountain spring water

Coffee Makes Me Sick—Here’s What I Drink Every Morning Instead...Chlorophyll Water

When I drink Chlorophyll Water, I have so much more energy, and over time, my skin looks clearer too. It blew up on TikTok with major claims like weight loss and acne- free skin, and while I haven’t necessarily noticed a big difference in those aspects, the impact this has on my energy is huge.
Enhanced mountain spring water

Liquid Chlorohpyll, a Coffee Addicts Best Friend

It is alkalizing. This is especially good for the coffee drinkers out there since coffee is acidic and Chlorophyll is alkaline… it can help to balance out the pH of your body.

It is detoxifying. Chlorophyll binds up any toxic pesticide residue and excretes it from your body.

It can help a hangover. By eliminating toxins from your body. It also nourishes your liver with oxygen and magnesium.

By Taylor McKay Smith, Certified Wellness Instructor

Enhanced mountain spring water

Chlorophyll is responsible—in a way— for all life on earth. It is the “blood” of plants and has blood-building properties for our red blood cells. One of the best things you can do is drink Chlorophyll Water®. It is a powerful detoxifying, healing and energizing tonic.

Dr. Eugene Charles, D.C.
International Board Applied Kinesiology
Journey to Healing: The Art and Science of Applied
Kinesiology, Author
Happy Customer
Enhanced mountain spring water


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