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What is Chlorophyll Water?

Chlorophyll is a vital plant pigment that can assist in:

- Promoting Healthy Alkaline pH Levels
- Oxygenating the Body
- Boosting Energy Levels
- Detoxifying the Body
- Antioxidant Properties

- Source of Enzymes 
- Strengthening the Immune System
- Supporting Cellular Regeneration
- Providing a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Why Chlorophyll?

Source of Energy

Chlorophyll, one of nature’s most powerful nutrients, can provide energy from the sun in the concentrated form to our bodies. Chlorophyll may enhance our energy levels and amplify our state of general well-being.

Compatible with our Natural Biochemistry

Chlorophyll and hemoglobin are known as the “Two Most Important Pigments For Life On Earth.” The nearly identical structure of both molecules may enable Chlorophyll to increase blood oxygen levels, while oxygenating and rejuvenating our body at a cellular level, which can result in an increase in our body's energy production.

Chlorophyll is a critical Antioxidant in plants

Plants rely on the antioxidant properties of Chlorophyll to protect themselves during photosynthesis. Consuming Chlorophyll may also pass along the same antioxidants and benefits to us, keeping our bodies healthy.

Our Process

Sourcing Natural Spring Water

Our water is harvested from an underground aquifer, and specifically selected for its quality, purity and taste.

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This process occurs in plants through the intake of nutrients, carbon dioxide, sunlight and utilization of Chlorophyll to absorb and convert the sun's energy. It is this energy that is used to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is then released from the plant into the atmosphere, creating the air we breathe.


Combining the two

Using two of Mother Nature’s most abundant natural resources, plants and water, we’ve created a refreshing, nature-enhanced water beverage.

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Distillation and refinement

Starting with a three-part purification process: micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, and ozone purification, each bottle of Chlorophyll Water is then sanitized and sterilized for purity and quality.

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