What does Chlorophyll Water®
taste like?

What Does New York Say?

We hit up Washington Square Park in New York City to get New Yorkers’ “really clean, really good” and “really refreshing” taste-testing feedback of Chlorophyll Water.

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What Does California Say?

We visited Venice Beach in California to get beach-goers’ “perfectly healthy,” “super clean,” and “really refreshing” taste-testing feedback of Chlorophyll Water.

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What Does Brooklyn Say?

We hit up Domino Park in Brooklyn, New York to get park-goers’ “really good,” “I like it a lot,” and “really refreshing” taste-testing feedback of Chlorophyll Water.

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What Does Santa Monica Say?

We took a yoga class in Santa Monica, California, and had them sample our product to get their “delicious, refreshing and pretty,” “so refreshing,” “little hint of plants, and I love that” and “feels more refreshing than drinking regular water” taste-testing feedback of Chlorophyll Water.

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What Are The Experts Saying...

"I’ve always loved chlorophyll for its supportive properties and its ability to help counteract the very toxic world we live in, helping me to stay alkaline. Right now I’m loving ChlorophyllWater® because it’s a convenient way for me to grab and go, and I love that it has the added health benefits of purified water and vitamins.”

Holly Perkins, BS, CSCS
Lift To Get Lean, Author
Women’s Strength Nation, Founder

"When I started to incorporate ChlorophyllWater® first thing in the morning, I immediately felt a difference in my energy levels as well as an overall sense of hydration which is so important to set the tone for the rest of the day. Over time, I also noticed my skin tone improving as well as my blemishes diminishing, which made me feel amazing from the inside out.”

Luli Gamburd
Certified Holistic Health Coach & Recipe Developer
Nutriluli, Founder

“There are so many AMAZING benefits to drinking ChlorophyllWater®! It helps your liver function which improves detoxification, fights carcinogens, increases energy, helps to balance hormones, aids in weight loss and also fights cravings, reduces inflammation, increases and refreshes your body’s red blood cells, natural internal deodorizer, and promotes anti-aging and glowing skin.”

Allie Gregg, R.D
Registered and Licensed Dietitian

“Chlorophyll Water® is an impressive new way to take chlorophyll and it is effective in protecting against free radicals and simultaneously helping to reduce body weight, and improve our red blood cells. All of this, and more, is a by-product of chlorophyll's antioxidant activity.” 

Lisa Richards, Certified Nutritionist
Certified Holistic Health Coach & Recipe Developer
The Candida Diet, Author

“Some of the most exciting health benefits of chlorophyll, and greens in general, are its antioxidant activity and promotion of efficient detoxification. Research supports that dietary forms of chlorophyll contribute to overall health and wellbeing by supporting these important functions. Chlorophyll Water® can be a convenient way to incorporate more chlorophyll into your daily diet.”

Amanda Sylvie

"Chlorophyll Water’s infused vitamin water is hydrating, refreshing and pleasant to drink. The subtly sweet water uses Copper Chlorophyllin (Chlorophyll) which is largely responsible for its attractive color and hue. With no added sugars, nor any artificial colors, sweeteners or sugar alcohols, this one's a definite choice for me.”

Lauren O'Connor, MS, RDN, RYT
Registered Dietitian

"Chlorophyll is responsible—in a way— for all life on earth. It is the “blood” of plants and has blood-building properties for our red blood cells. One of the best things you can do is drink Chlorophyll Water®. It is a powerful detoxifying, healing and energizing tonic."

Dr. Eugene Charles, D.C.
International Board Applied Kinesiology
Journey to Healing: The Art and Science of Applied Kinesiology, Author

Chlorophyll is the life-force of plants. As you ingest it, you'll take on its vibrational energy.”

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
Triple Board Certified Functional Nutritionist

Chlorophyll Water® has become my go-to during and post-workout drink. The spearmint taste is refreshing after a hard sweat, the micro-nutrients are exactly what I need to replenish the loss of electrolytes and the B-vitamins give me a little kick to keep pushing through. As an environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast, it's also refreshing to know that Chlorophyll Water is leading the way in sustainability and making a difference for Mother Nature.”

David Mykel
Certified Trainer
Cliffhanger Academy, Founder & Head Coach

“As a fitness instructor and gym manager, a good detox program involving drinking Chlorophyll Water® provides a needed energy boost in the morning. In fitness circles, the increase in blood production brought about by drinking it, helps us improve our performance in the gym or during running.”

Nicole Harwood-Nash
Strength & Conditioning Coach
The Workout Digest

 “If you're seeking liquid chlorophyll, however, look no further than classic Chlorophyll Water® . The purified water features a gorgeous green color and a vitamin-rich composition that helps to energize, oxygenize and detoxify the body from the inside out.

Kirsten Nunez, B.S., M.S.

“Chlorophyll is the bedrock of all plant life, and the similarities to the molecules of our red blood cells is uncanny. When you drink really well sourced Chlorophyll it’s like breathing fresh air straight into our bloodstream. I recommend hydrating before your yoga practice with Chlorophyll Water® to help stimulate peristalsis and help neutralize free-radicals in the body that can damage healthy cells.”

“Yoga Dan” Gottlieb, C.R.C, YACEP
Certified Yoga Instructor & Trainer  


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