The Many Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by Dr. Chris Norris

The Many Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by Dr. Chris Norris

The Many Benefits of Chlorophyll Water

by Dr. Chris Norris 

It's Dr. Chris Norris from I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and neurologist with board certification in sleep medicine, Clinical Associate Professor at The University of California. For over 10 years, I have served and helped patients at Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital with their sleeping disorders. 

Apart from being a sleep expert, I have expertise in offering help to patients dealing with arthritis, mental stress, sports injury, CBD use for various medical ailments, sports injury etc. I am a medical writer having written about multidisciplinary topicsunder the medical and science arena.


What are some of the main benefits of liquid chlorophyll and drinking chlorophyll water?

1. Chlorophyll promotes the production of red blood cells.

2. It absorbs toxins – precursors to illness –that are in the intestines and the body. Chlorophyll is an ally of the Detox and Total Detox cures.

3. Chlorophyll acts as an internal deodorant: bad breath, sweat, stools, urine, food odors (such as garlic) and menstrual odors. The deodorant effect is also shown for people that have a colostomy.

4. Chlorophyll binds to aminos in the intestines. Cadaverineand putrescine, for example, are present in bad breath, urine, sperm and during bacterial vaginosis.

5. It isn’t a laxative, however, chlorophyll has a normalizing effect on theintestinal transit.

6. It has antioxidant capacities. These capacities are 1000 times superior to xanthines: caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, (tea, coffee, maté, chocolate). They are 20 times superior tothose of resveratrol (blackberries, grapes, wine).

7. Chlorophyll has anti-carcinogenic properties. Many studies show the efficiency of chlorophyllin (CHL) in reducing the risks of cancer. 

8. Chlorophyll increases the production of white blood cells, fighting against conditions such leukopenia.

9.The components are anti-inflammatory, it accelerates healing. The effects are anti-inflammatory and healing when applied directly to the wound.

10. It is a regulator of intestinal fermentation. Mycosis (Candida Albicans) is caused by antibiotics, hormones, corticosteroids, immuno suppressants and a high sugar diet. These infections are very resistant and difficult to treat. Chlorophyll reduces the production of gas and toxins that occur during digestion and contributes to protecting the liver, the second line of defense after the intestinal barrier. It is one of the best ways to continually detox the body.

Chlorophyll has been known as an anti-aging remedy/clear/glowing skin, can you talk about how/why?

Chlorophyll helps to promote healthier skin by:

  • Promoting natural blood-cleansing functions
  • Balancing pH levels in the body
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Assisting in killing bad germs and bacteria that could otherwise cause breakouts
  • Reducing inflammation, while preventing and clearing up acne
  • Detoxifying your digestive tract
  • Oxygenating your cells and tissue using its magnesium base

    Chlorophyll’s structure is similar to the hemoglobin in human blood that carries oxygen to each and every cell. It’s also been found to stimulate tissue growth that can play a role in anti-aging. In helping retain healthy skin tissues, chlorophyll stimulates anti-aging enzymes and encourages nourished, youthful skin.

    It can also help repair sun damage on your skin in addition to fighting free radicals. Chlorophyll is beneficial for photo damaged human skin, especially when individuals drink it. Drinking chlorophyll significantly improves wrinkles and elasticity.  In fact, a study of females aged 45 and older who received a chlorophyll extract supplement for 90 days experienced a significant increase in collagen production, as well as a reduction in cellular lesions called thymine dimers that indicate UV damage.

    Can you speak on chlorophyll water's antioxidant and detox properties?

    Chlorophyll protects plants against ultraviolet damage fromthe sun, making it a great source of antioxidants, essential vitamins, and powerful nutrients. Chlorophyll absorbs toxins – precursors to illness – that are in the intestines and the body. It is an ally of the Detox and Total Detox cures. Chlorophyll works during digestion to both detoxify the body of toxins ingested through foods as well as to detoxify the body of existing stored toxins. Some chlorophyll is absorbed into the bloodstream during digestion. Additionally, chlorophyll appears to stimulate the regeneration of damaged liver cells. An abundance of oxygen and healthy flow of blood encourages the removal of harmful impurities and toxins, strengthening our immune system while alkalizing the body and balancing our pH levels.


    Can you speak on chlorophyll's 'boost in energy' and 'oxygenating' properties?

    Chlorophyll, which gives green plants their color, helps the blood carry more oxygen, which boosts energy levels and general well-being. Chlorophyll also enhances the body's ability to eliminate toxins, helping increase energy production. It is the green plant pigment, a 'real life force' of living beings, which besides synthesizing food, is a great source of vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals. Adding chlorophyll rich food to our diet boosts energy and fortifies our body against health disorders.

    Chlorophyll, also known as 'Nature's Green Magic,' has oxygenating properties. A highly oxygenated environment improves energy levels, as well an optimal level for brain and body function.

    Overall, is drinking chlorophyll water good for your health?

    The benefits of Chlorophyll Water serve as - rejuvenating boost of positive energy, which makes you feel good in lots of ways. Chlorophyll Water provides antioxidant, cleansing, detoxification, healing and rejuvenating properties as good for your mind, body, internal & external beauty, thus creating"positive energy” to make "you feel good,” and "look good!”

    Dr. Chris Norris