The Benefits of Purified Water by Doctors, Dietitians & Nutritionists

The Benefits of Purified Water by Doctors, Dietitians & Nutritionists

The Benefits of Purified Water


What is Purified Water?

Purified water is water that undergoes a filtration process and then is purified to get rid of chemical pollutants, pathogens, and other impurities. The most essential thing is to get rid of dissolved impurities as much as possible. 

Tap water or spring water gets dirty naturally. While traveling through city pipes into our homes and offices, tap water absorbs sand, dirt, and other substances. Purifying water removes these impurities, ensuring the water you drink is clean, healthy, and in its purest form.

Purified water assures that the vital minerals you need to function are present in the water you’re drinking. Purification removes harmful bacteria that otherwise can lead to diseases, stomach pain, and nausea.”

  • Anju Mobin, Best of Nutrition, Managing Editor


Hear what the experts have to say about the benefits of drinking Purified Water:

Lisa Richards is a nutritionist and author of The Candida Diet. She has been featured on Today, US News, Women’s Health magazine, Huffington Post, Healthline, the San Francisco Chronicle, Reader’s Digest, Lifehack, Insider, and Well+Good, among others. Through her website,, she explains the benefits of a low-sugar, anti-inflammatory diet.

What is purified water?

Purified water typically produced using ground or tap water that has undergone a process of removing chemicals, contaminants, and other impurities.

Why is purified water better for you (compared to spring water, tap water, etc)?

There are many schools of thought on what type of water is best; spring, distilled, purified, or regular. 

Purified water is better for you than tap water because it has had all potential contaminants removed, unlike tap water. The EPA considers nearly 90 contaminants as safe in tap water. 

Distilled water is an ultra pure form of water. Unfortunately, the process of purification for distilled water can also remove beneficial components like electrolytes and beneficial minerals. 

What are the benefits of drinking purified water?

Drinking purified water allows you to consume safe water without the loss of beneficial minerals or presence of harmful contaminants. There are some health benefits that are byproducts of drinking purified water like reduced risk of certain cancers. Heavy metals are commonly found in regular tap water and are linked to some cancers, drinking purified water allows you to reduce this risk by eliminating one significant risk factor; heavy metals.” - Lisa Richards, Nutritionist, The Candida Diet

According to Henry Hackney, DMD

Doctor of Dental Medicine and a Content Director at Authority Dental.

What is purified water?

Purified water is water that has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities and make it usable ( bacteria, algae, parasites, metals like copper and lead, chemical pollutants, fungi). Overall impurity levels need to be reduced to 10 parts per million or less.

Why is purified water better for you (compared to spring water, tap water, etc)?

Purified water removes the chemicals in your water, but still keep the essential minerals. Purified water tastes and smells better than tap water.

What are the benefits of drinking purified water?

You will provide your body with water to keep it hydrated. The consequence is to keep your nails and skin and even your gums look healthy. You won’t supply your body with pathogens, chlorine, and pesticides.

  • Henry Hackney, DMD


My name is Abby Vichill, MS, RDN, LD from FWDfuel Sports Nutrition. I am a registered dietitian nutrition, and I specialize in the world of functional nutrition. My website and blog can be found at

What is purified water?

Purified water or "filtered" water has undergone mechanical filtering to remove contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins like microbes, plastics, and medications to name a few. These contaminants are naturally occurring in water but have increased as a result of the processing of food, agriculture, and increased use of prescription medications that our water is exposed to. 

Why is purified water better for you (compared to spring water, tap water, etc)?

Many fail to realize that high levels of toxins in our water can drive chronic disease and create an overall systematic imbalance in our body. Many symptoms such as fatigue, muscle/joint pain, poor digestion, as well as others may be a result of high levels of contaminants in the body. Purifying water serves as a solution to reducing one's overall toxic burden in an effort to promote optimal health.  

What are the benefits of drinking purified water?

Purifying water cleans out the contaminants that are often found in high levels. As mentioned, filtering out these harmful substances allows one to reduce their overall toxic exposure, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and best optimize health. Another benefit to purifying water is that one is likely to feel better and function more optimally as a result of consuming fewer chemicals and toxins that the body is not equipt to filter itself.  

  • Abby Vichill, MS, RDN, LD, Registered Dietitian Nutrition, Functional Nutrition Specialist