Skincare Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by Bansari Acharya RDN, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Skincare Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by Bansari Acharya RDN, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Skincare Benefits of Chlorophyll Water

by Bansari Acharya RDN
Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist
My name is Bansari Acharya RDN, a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist holding a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Food Science. I have almost 5 years of experience working and developing nutrition plans for a wide range of age groups and a wide range of conditions including obesity, diabetes, hypertension & heart disease.

What exactly is chlorophyll?
Chlorophyll is the green pigment that is found in plants and is an essential part of the photosynthesis process in a plant.  

What exactly is chlorophyll water?
Chlorophyll is the extraction of this pigment in liquid form from plants.
What are the benefits of chlorophyll water?
Chlorophyll water has topical benefits and can act as a skin protector, especially in wounds. It helps to reduce bacteria and decrease inflammation on the skin. Additionally, chlorophyll water may aid in weight loss, liver detoxification, and to improve the quality of the red blood cells in the blood. However, more research is needed for conclusive benefits.  

What are the anti-aging benefits of chlorophyll water?
Chlorophyll water may stimulate enzymes in the body that fight off aging and may also might off free radicals, which are associated with accelerated aging

How is liquid chlorophyll or chlorophyll water a natural healer?
Chlorophyll water can be a natural healer as it naturally produces oxygen. This may explain why chlorophyll has protective skin properties and has shown to help in wound healing.

Is drinking chlorophyll water good for your skin?
Some studies have shown that drinking chlorophyll has lead to participants noticing an improvement in skin elasticity and wrinkles. It may also increase collagen on the skin.

How does drinking chlorophyll water keep your complexion clear?  
Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help in keeping the complexion clear and fighting off acne.


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