Spring Water vs Purified Water: Benefits and Nutrients in Purified Water by Scott Fanello, Environmental Engineer

Spring Water vs Purified Water: Benefits and Nutrients in Purified Water by Scott Fanello, Environmental Engineer

Spring Water vs Purified Water:

Benefits and Nutrients in Purified Water

by Scott Fanello, Environmental Engineer

P.E. in the State of Colorado. M.S. Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech

Eternaloak.com, Editor

Denver, Colorado

Scott Fanello is the Editor for Eternaloak.com, a website dedicated to help people stay strong and fit. Fanello is an environmental engineer with a background in water treatment with a focus on water chemistry that has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering, and a Professional Engineer's license in the state of Colorado.

How important is it for one to hydrate?

Hydration is crucial. Your body needs it to burn fuel and process and eliminate toxins. Your kidneys are one of the most advanced filters in the planet. Without water, they don't work.

How much water (in your opinion) should we drink a day?

Eight ounces of water a day is a myth. There's not enough science to back any amount of water other than drinking when thirsty. A better rule of thumb is to drink one child glass of water before each meal then drink when you are thirsty. Studies have shown drinking water before a meal reduces how much you eat during that meal. Plus it's an easy habit to develop and will keep you hydrated.


What is purified water?

Purified water has been chemically or mechanically treated to be safe for human consumption. In extreme cases it's been hyper purified for industrial uses that require hyper clean water. 

 What are some of the health benefits of purified water?

  • Reduced exposure to  harmful chemicals, trace prescription drugs, and other compounds not being removed by water treatment plants
  • More control over your families safety
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, and chemical corrosion from the pipes between the treatment plant and your tap
  • Removes leftover chlorine and related harmful compounds in your tap water

Is filtered water (carbon filtration / triple filtered water) the same as purified water?

Yes and no. There are many ways to filter water, epithet mechanically or chemically. Each removes different chemicals or bacteria.  Most forms of cleaning water at home are through filtration.

Carbon filters improve taste and remove organics such as prescription drugs and chlorine by products. Carbon doesn't remove metals. Reverse osmosis removes metals and most other things. It's also a form filtration. Reverse osmosis at home is the closest you can come to "purifying" your water but it may be overkill if your water is already pretty clean.

Know your water, then choose your filter.

Chemical processes to clean water are not suited for home use unless it's really simple like a water softener.

What natural nutrients are can be found in purified water? 

Minerals are trace nutrients dissolved in natural water sources. There are many that your body needs such as iron, selenium, etc. 

Depending on the purification process, some or all of these minerals can be removed from the water.

This is why you have to choose your filter carefully, so you don't remove the trace minerals that your body needs.

What is the difference between purified and distilled water?

Distilled water uses heat and evaporation to remove most contaminants from water (duke are left at the parts per trillion level). Afterwards pure water is left. It doesn't taste great and it's lacking trace minerals you need.  Purified water that's been filtered but not to the level where everything is removed keeps the minerals your body needs. Plus it tastes better.

What is the difference between purified and spring water?

Purified water is filtered to remove contaminants. Spring water is less so. Commercially sold spring water usually undergoes slight purification to kill bacteria and viruses, usually by ozonating the water or using a similar method.

Why should you drink purified water? Is purified water the best drinking water for you?

In the wake of our creation of new chemicals such as PFAS used to make teflon coatings, there are "forever chemicals" present in nearly every natural water body in the world (and in over 99% of humans). The recent movie Dark Waters told the story of PFAS contamination in West Virginia and how it was killing cows and getting residents of Parkersburg sick.

Spring water is not as safe as it used to be. Before the worries were simply bacteria and viruses. Now you have to worry about a slew of chemicals in your water. 

These chemicals can only be removed using mechanical filters or other processes to clean the water.

Even tap water is being increasingly contaminated by unused prescription medications. 

These chemicals and trace medications require special equipment to remove. Not every water processing plant has the equipment needed. Often they can't afford them.

Lastly, water treatment plants use chlorine often to kill viruses and bacteria. When chlorine reacts with leftover organic chemicals in the water it creates new chemicals that can hurt you.

You can avoid all of this by using simple water filters in your home.

Do you believe all water should be purified before consuming?

Yes and any water you consume from the tap or from a bottle has been partially purified.

What are the environmental impacts of spring water vs. purified water?

Spring water uses minimal methods to kill pathogens so it's environmental impact is low for that. Spring water is bottled though and bottles have a huge impact on the environment. They fill landfills and often find their way into the ocean where they wreak havoc on fish, bird, and sea turtle populations.

Purified water involves far less plastic waste but still has waste from spent filters or used chemical media that needs disposal. 

In general you can lessen your impact on the environment by drinking more water you purify from the tap.

Anything else you want to share re: purified water vs spring water vs distilled water?

Know your water first then filter as needed.

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