What is Chlorophyll? Dr. Joseph Kennedy

What is Chlorophyll? Dr. Joseph Kennedy

What is chlorophyll? 

Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring compound that gives plants their green color. This phytonutrient helps plants absorb energy and deliver nutrients from sunlight through a biological process known as photosynthesis. 

Chlorophyll is often derived from many green vegetables, and formulated into various supplements or sold as extract for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits, which have been shown to help improve energy, heal wounds and reduce the occurrence of a variety of illnesses. 

What are the benefits of chlorophyll drops, liquid chlorophyll and chlorophyll water?

Chlorophyll drops or extract has been used since the early 1940s to neutralize malodor, this is because chlorophyllin has been clinically shown to significantly decrease trimethylamine compounds, which helps those suffering from trimethylaminuria.   

One of the favored benefits of liquid chlorophyll is ability to promote or support weight loss, additionally researchers also suggest that liquid chlorophyll has the potential to reduce harmful cholesterol levels or LDL cholesterol, due to its powerful antioxidant, radical-scavenging properties. 

This also has the potential to reduce oxidative-stress and improve obesity related conditions. 

by Dr. Joseph Kennedy, Consumer's Heath Report