What is Chlorophyll? Benefits of Chlorophyll Drops for Skincare by Purvisha Patel MD

What is Chlorophyll? Benefits of Chlorophyll Drops for Skincare by Purvisha Patel MD

What is Chlorophyll?

Benefits of Chlorophyll Drops for Skincare

by Purvisha Patel MD

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that assists in photosynthesis- the way they make energy.

Chlorophyl is high in vitamins C, A, E and K - it has antioxidant properties, that means that it helps scavenge free radicals that occur when the skin is damaged, or breaking down. 

Given its calming and antioxidant properties it is helpful to take chlorophyll if you have an inflammatory acne process- the skin is red and inflamed. If you have deep cystic acne, it may not be very helpful 

When used topically it is not as stable, and less effective. There are many variables when using it topically, including break down of the ingredient and oxidization. Taking it orally is a better mode of taking it . 

How does liquid chlorophyll work to treat acne (if at all)?

There are claims it helps treat radical damage because of its natural antioxidants and gut health. The gut and the skin are very intimately connected. The skin is the largest immune organ of the body and the gut is the second largest immune organ. what we eat definitely affects the skin. Chlorophyll ingested calms the gut and in turn can calm down inflammatory processes in the skin. 

What star ingredient(s), if any, help with gut health and inflammation?

Probiotics or in the intake of healthy gut bacteria, help with inflammation as they colonize the gut with normal organisms and flush out ones that can cause inflammation in the gut. 

How often would you recommend adding this to your water/ how much?

To get the benefits of chlorophyll you need 100-300mg a day taken at each meal. 

Chlorophyll is in veggies, like spinach and other leafy greens, can you compare the amounts that would give you (about) the same benefits?

1cup of spinach has 24mg of chlorophyll 1 cup of parsley has 19 mg - you would need to injest 10 cups of each a day for maximal benefits (popeye had it about right)

Definitely eat your veggies no matter what, but if you plan on supplementing , even though it is not harmful, it may not be magical. So consult with a board certified dermatologist before trying this trend. Sometimes medications are needed to get acne under control as well. 

Lastly, Chlorophyll is basically known for making plants green. Could it have a green-tinting effect on skin, too? (And could that actually be a good thing if the acne is causing redness?) it makes your stools / poo green.

by Purvisha Patel MD
Dermatologist Memphis TN and Founder Visha Skincare