Top Benefits of Purified Water by Health & Wellness Coach, Lynell Ross

Top Benefits of Purified Water by Health & Wellness Coach, Lynell Ross

Top Benefits of Purified Water

by Lynell Ross, Certified Health and Wellness Coach; Certified Nutritionist; Behavior Change Specialist; Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)


My name is Lynell Ross. I am the founder and managing editor of Zivadream, a website that provides practical advice from professionals in the areas of wellness, relationships and education. I am also a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Nutritionist with over fifteen years of experience helping clients to improve their lives. 

What are the benefits of drinking water to the human body?

Water supports a number of physiological functions. Here are a few of the most important ones: transports nutrients; carries away waste, aids in better digestion; moistens eyes, mouth, and nose; hydrates skin and lessens wrinkles; ensures adequate blood volume; helps prevent heart attacks; forms main component of body fluids; participates in many chemical reactions; helps maintain normal body temperature; and acts as a lubricant around joints. 

How much (in your opinion) water should we drink a day?

How much water a person should drink in a day depends on the person's weight, diet, level of daily exercise, environment, and a host of other factors. That said, the average person should drink 64 ounces of water per day, barring any heart conditions.  

What is Purified Water?

Purified water is water that has undergone filtration and/or processing to remove contaminants, such as chemicals and other impurities. Purified water is usually derived from groundwater or tap water, and is purified by one of the following methods: coagulation and flocculation; sedimentation; filtration; or disinfection. The purification process generally removes a number of contaminants, including bacteria; algae; fungi; parasites; harmful metals; and chemical pollutants.

Why is Purified Water better to drink than Spring Water?

When it comes to drinking water selection, purified water is a healthier option than spring water, as spring water often contains trace amounts of contaminants. Oftentimes, harmful impurities can be found in spring water, including the heavy metals lead and copper, which are extremely damaging to our health. These heavy metals, even in trace amounts, can cause stomach pain and lead to long term brain damage.

Why should water be purified?  

Purifying water removes certain types of bacteria, fungi and algae from your tap or spring water that could otherwise cause serious illness or disease.  Further, purifying water removes certain chemicals that are added to general public tap water supplies as disinfectants, including chlorine, a common chemical that has been linked to increased rates of certain types of cancer. 

What are the Top benefits of Purified Water?

In addition to the health benefits described above regarding removal of harmful contaminants, drinking purified water tastes better than spring water or tap water. The purification process removes nasty chemicals and impurities that can make drinking water smell and taste funny. Purification leaves water tasting clean, crisp and pure. 

The importance of purified water and the human body:

We only get one body, so it is critically important that we take care of ourselves. We consume water in large amounts everyday, so people must make extra effort to ensure that this vital liquid we digest is in the cleanest and purest form we can get it. If we skimp on taking care of of daily water supply, we subject our bodies to dangerous contaminants, such as heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals and more, all of which can cause health issues ranging from stomachaches to cancer.