Benefits of Purified Water Vs. Spring Water by our Community of Nutritionists & Toxicologists

Benefits of Purified Water Vs. Spring Water by our Community of Nutritionists & Toxicologists



Why is water so important for the body?

Navigating the world of water, its various types and its benefits can be a bit overwhelming. Are spring waters, tap waters, and purified waters that different? And why does it matter anyway? The truth is that the type of water you choose to hydrate your body with can have lasting impacts.1 According to Lynell Ross, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Nutritionist; Behavior Change Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer (ACE), water is the key ingredient that allows the body to carry out a number of essential physiological functions like nutrient transportation, waste elimination, digestion, supplying moisture to the skin, eyes, mouth and nose, heart attack prevention, body temperature regulation, joint lubrication and is the main component of body fluids to name a few. 

Our mission at Chlorophyll Water is not only to hydrate the bodies of those within our community, but to educate others about our water, our process, and why we chose the methods we did. To help you better understand our choice to use purified water instead of spring water, we went to the experts. Here’s what they have to say: 

What are the differences between spring and purified water?

Purified water refers to any water that goes through a filtration process in order to get rid of any naturally occurring pollutants, contaminants, algaes, or harmful bacterias that may be present. Though spring water is found within nature, it often contains trace amounts of contaminants and other impurities like lead and copper that are extremely harmful to our health.1 Even in small amounts these heavy metals and impurities can cause not only stomach pain, but in severe cases cancers or long-term brain damage. 1  Knowing where our water comes from and what it contains is very important to us. In some cases natural can be better, but according to the experts it isn’t when it comes to water. 

Purified water allows your body to absorb water and its beneficial minerals safely, minus the harmful contaminants. 2  Filtering out harmful contaminants not only decreases the risk of chronic disease, it also reduces overall toxic exposures and optimizes overall health.3 Our health and wellness experts also explain that purified water promotes healthy liver and kidney function by reducing the amount of work they must do to rid our bodies of impurities. 4 When it comes to Chlorophyll Water specifically, we want it to be (and taste) the very best. Our purified water goes through a special purification process: it’s carbon-filtered, triple-filtered, and finally, UV treated to ensure you’re drinking the purest water possible without compromising any of its natural nutrients and minerals that are essential to our health! 

What are the benefits of purified water?

Did you know that different types of water can have specific tastes and smells to go with it? According to our health and wellness experts, purified water has been found to taste and smell better than its counterparts.1  Sending water through the purification process eliminates chemicals, fungus, algae, and other harmful impurities that can have an impact on its smell and overall taste.1  At Chlorophyll Water, we chose our water purification system to create the perfect base to add our chlorophyll nutrients to. We took it a step further and fortified it with vitamins A, B12, C, and D to give your body well-rounded hydration! 

It’s important that you know where your water, or anything you ingest for that matter, comes from. Even though it’s labeled as healthy or nutritious, it may not be. Drinking water that hasn’t been through the purification process leaves your body vulnerable to increased toxicity levels resulting in symptoms such as fatigue, joint and muscle pain and poor digestion.3 According to the experts, choosing to hydrate with purified water ensures the water you’re drinking is clean, healthy, and most importantly, it’s in its purest form!5


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