Raw Remedies: Chlorophyllin by The Foresight Forum

Raw Remedies: Chlorophyllin by The Foresight Forum

Raw Remedies: Chlorophyllin

Popularly known for its ability to sustain plant health and give the Earth its rich green colour, Chlorophyllin is making its way into supermarket aisles as wellness enthusiasts recognise its unique nourishing properties. In hunt for all natural ingredients that support health and nutrition, expect consumers to integrate chlorophyll into their drinking water to detoxify the body and tackle well-being issues at their core.

Proven to clear skin, improve gut health, boost energy levels and promote healthy weight loss, this pigment infused water is a great source for vitamins with 2000 times the antioxidant capacity of blueberries. By increasing the flow of oxygen in our bodies, Chlorophyllin aids in cleansing the blood of toxins and also does a tremendous job in absorbing harmful pollutants from the outside world. Forecasted to reach USD 463.7 million by 2025, expect more consumers to add Chlorophyllin into their water and find innovative ways to integrate Chlorophyll into their daily diets - from powdered supplements to Chlorophyllin based cocktails.

As chlorophyll itself does not survive digestion long enough for absorption, innovative brands are emerging with supplement based solutions that enable consumers to maximise the benefits of the ingredient. Chlorophyll Water is the first commercially available bottle of water that contains the supplement ‘Chlorophyllin’, providing a product that strengthens immune systems, detoxifies the body and supports cellular regeneration. Sakara's etox Water Drops on the other hand, act as the easiest way to harness the healing power of the greens through instantly transforming regular water into a delicious and refreshing toxin defence drink that optimises gut health, digestion and liver function all whilst tailoring the Chlorophyllin intake to suit the consumer's unique needs.

by The Foresight Forum