Plant-Based Diets & Antioxidant Power of Chlorophyll by Patricia Greenberg, Nutritionist

Plant-Based Diets & Antioxidant Power of Chlorophyll by Patricia Greenberg, Nutritionist

Plant-Based Diets & Antioxidant Power of Chlorophyll

by Patricia Greenberg

The Fitness Gourmet
ISSA Certified Nutritionist,  ACE Certified Trainer Specializing in Aging Well
Los Angeles, CA

Brief Introduction/Tell Us About yourself (where you are from, etc)

I am from NY and I started my career as a hospital dietician.  I left that setting to pursue a career as a chef/nutritionist teaching healthy cooking to chefs and lay people alike. I came to Los Angeles to work in the Cordon Bleu Culinary school and have been here ever since.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in nutrition?

I started out in pre-med to go to dental school and took a nutrition class, I immediately switch majors because I was fascinated by the connection of the food we take in and the health status of our bodies.

How did you become passionate about healthy eating?

In my late teens and early 20’s I decided to take up exercise in a big way.  I started to see how much better I felt when I ate salads, lean proteins and stayed away from the snacks and alcohol that most people my age were indulging in.

What kind of training did you undergo/certification you received?

BS in Nutrition and Food Science from Queens College, NYC,
Degree in Culinary Arts, from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ
IACP – Certified Culinary Professional
ISSA Certified Nutritionist, specializing in Aging Well
ACE Certified Trainer, in Sports Nutrition and Senior Fitness.
“Dementia Friends LA” Seminar Presenter

What do people look for in a nutritionist or dietician?

I think people look for someone that has compassion and understanding of how difficult it is to change bad habits.  Its also important to find someone who really  “walks the walk” and who continues learn and grow in the profession.

If you could persuade people to change three things about their diet, what would they be?

Drink more water. Put at least one vegetable in all their meals and snacks throughout the day, and eat earlier in the day, so they are not so hungry at night.

What would you make as a quick and healthy dinner option, if you have 30 minutes of preparation time?

I would take what every vegetable I have lying around and chop them up. Sauté them in onions and olive oil.  Add some cooked beans and/or organic tofu and serve over a sprouted wheat.

What is your favorite snack?

Apples and peanut butter

What nutrition trends are you paying attention to in 2021?

I am seeing an increased interest in plant based diets which seems to have resulted in a lot of new pre-prepared snack items that are vegetable based.  Hey, its Better than cupcakes!  The other trend is the increased availability of sprouted grains.  Most people don't stay gluten free so as long as they are going to eat bread, it may as well be sprouted.

Plant based living is becoming more and more popular. When eating a mostly plant based / vegetarian diet, are there certain foods to focus on to make sure we’re getting enough nutrients and protein?

I highly recommend adding beans and quinoa or any high protein grain to one’s regular diet.  Across the world beans and grains have proven to reduce the risk of all disease.

Speaking of plant based, what are some of the benefits of drinking chlorophyll water / benefits of liquid chlorophyll?

The antioxidant power of this plant compound (chlorophyll) is amazing because it can prevent free radicals which is what is linked to DNA damage causing cancer and heart disease.

What’s one of your favorite organic/natural supplements or vitamins you recommended?

I use a multi vitamin that is all plant based made my Metogenics.

Any favorite health / nutrition podcasts or books you recommend to our readers?

Eat Well, Live Well, Age Well,  By Patricia Greenberg

Where can our readers find you? (Instagram, Facebook, etc)

Patricia Greenberg, The Fitness Gourmet

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