Erik Levi, FNTP

Erik Levi, FNTP
Erik Levi
Erik Levi Nutrition, Founder 
Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


My name is Erik Levi and I am a functional nutritional therapy practitioner.  My mission as an FNTP is to address the root cause of a person's health problem through testing, nutrition, supplementation, and education. 

Why did you decide to pursue a career in nutrition? 

I found myself as a broke comedian in NYC without health insurance and used nutrition to overcome my own health challenges.  Once I saw for myself the power of nutrition I decided I wanted to do everything I can to bring this knowledge to people who are suffering.  I also feel that mainstream medicine and pharmaceuticals are bankrupting the country and I want to be apart of the solution. 

How did you become passionate about healthy eating? 

Some years back I was talked into doing a bone broth fast to heal my microbiome.  I had no idea what the microbiome was, but because I'm a pushover I gave it a shot and my life was forever changed.  I began to study and learn everything I can about the gut, and how it affects health and never looked back.  I've tried a number of different diets including plant-based vegan and now more whole food paleo and I'm amazed at how food can affect how you feel and show up in the world.

What kind of training did you undergo/certification you received? 

I received my certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association.

What do people look for in a nutritionist or dietician?

I find every one is different depending on their needs and level of suffering.  Some people want information, and some people want you to map out everything they eat and drink.  I think overall people are looking for hope that nutrition can truly help.  The truth is that as big of a role that nutrition plays in overall health, it's just one piece of the bigger pie.

If you could persuade people to change three things about their diet, what would they be? 

Drink 20-30 ounces of water first thing in the morning.  Cut sugar/grains/dairy/and all chemicals out of the diet, and chew your food thoroughly 30 bites per chew.

What would you make as a quick and healthy dinner option, if you have 30 minutes of preparation time? 

Mixed organ burger in a pan with butter with a side of chopped mushrooms, greens and onions. 

What is your favorite snack?

Homemade cashew butter.  You can even pair it with Medjool dates.  Homemade plantain chips.

What nutrition trends are you paying attention to in 2020?

Nootropics.  Longevity research.  The Carnivore Diet.  People quitting veganism.

Plant-based living is becoming more and more popular. When eating a mostly plant-based / vegetarian diet, are there certain foods to focus on to make sure we’re getting enough nutrients and protein?

There are a lot of reasons why I would not recommend someone do a plant-based vegan diet, although I follow more paleo principals and I consider myself plant-based considering most of my plate is covered in plants.  That being said when I was plant-based vegan I was big on beans.  You can get a lot of protein from chickpeas and beans.  The problem is that many people can't tolerate beans.  Remember to either A) Soak them before cooking for at least 12 hours, or pressure cook. 

Speaking of plant-based, what are some of the benefits of drinking chlorophyll water/benefits of liquid chlorophyll?   

Chlorophyll Water's detox capabilities.  I'm a big believer in supporting detoxification and keeping your body from toxins and metals, esp considering their abundance in our modern culture. It also seems to be very good for blood flow and function.

What’s one of your favorite organic/natural supplements or vitamins you recommended? 

Magnesium, NAC

Any favorite health/nutrition podcasts or books you recommend to our readers?  Holistic A-Hole podcast, Chris Masterjohn, Dr. Ruscio Radio, The Doctor's Farmacy, Primal Blueprint, Ben Greenfield

Where can our readers find you? (Instagram, Facebook, etc) ., YouTube: Holistic A-Hole, Facebook Group: Holistic Nootropics.