Caitlin Randolph

Caitlin Randolph

Caitlin Randolph
200hr YTT with additional Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Sculpt yoga, and Ayurvedic certificates. 
One Down Dog, Teacher
Los Angeles CA 

Introduction: Tell us about yourself, your story, where you are from, practice, etc.

I'm from Reno Nevada, have lived in LA for over 10 years. Have been working at my home studio of One Down Dog since my 200 hour YTT. Immersing myself in an easy going, accessible community of yogi's. I believe yoga is here to create a longer healthier life so you have more time to figure the rest out. Im in no rush for a peak pose. My peak pose is being able to walk, stand, and sit comfortably through old age. 


How long have you been practicing yoga?

My first class was in highschool. My aunt was a yoga teacher. I started to regularly practice about 10 years ago.


How did you get started?

My mom sister and I went to my Aunt's class. Im grateful for this introduction into yoga as healing. 


What type of yoga do you teach? (Please Explain)

Hatha yoga - vinyasa flow. Lots of props and modifications with decent flow. The pose is not the shape you are supposed to make. The pose is the sensation you're supposed to get. The shape may look different for everyone. 


What do you prefer/enjoy about this particular form of yoga?

I teach mixed level classes. Being able to break down a pose into its basics and fundamentals allows somebody in the same class to find anything from a handstand to simply more open shoulders and a stronger core. 


Do you feel anyone can enjoy and gain from yoga?

YES. YES. YES. It takes you being brave and listening to what you need without that pressure of a class setting getting to you or pushing you to places without integrity and safety. 


What has yoga done for you as person? 

Provided me with so many friends. Connection. Peace of mind. I am the most in the moment when I am teaching. It's given me some healthy processing of thoughts to carry with me all day long.


Do you feel yoga is more mental or physical?   

Both. We are living in physical bodies - theres no denying that. Often we start at asana because we can experience the physical body before the conscious subtle body. You cant disconnect the two.


Do you believe it is an alternative form of healing and medicine?



Do you associate yoga with Hinduism? If yes, in what ways? 

The Yamas and the Niyamas are more my baseline of spirituality and guidelines. 


Is yoga a way of life or a way to exercise or meditate?

BOTH. You balance whats happening in the head with the body. Feeling depressed, heavy, low? Take a spicy class to get you moving. Feeling fatigued, burnt out, or fired up? Take a slower asana to cool you down.


What is your dharma, your life mission?

To give people access to feel things they wouldn't otherwise. 


How important is living a healthy lifestyle (clean eating/eating healthy for example) important to the yogi lifestyle?   

A healthy lifestyle for me isnt about green juice and no carbs. BLEH. A healthy lifestyle is an ebb and flow of listening to what your body, spirit, and community need. Do no harm is the first of the Yamas - if your choices fit into that. It's a great choice. Eating a bag of cheetos really doesn't harm anyone.


Any natural ingredients and/or vitamins that you recommend? And why?

I'm big into Ayurvedic herbal medicine. Most of us are so buzzy and un grounded (vata imbalance) I definitely recommend Ashwaganda for almost everyone - especially in winter. Shatavri is great for women!  But the number one health tip - don't drink ice water with your meals! 


How important is hydrating/drinking water to the yoga lifestyle/your practice?

Very important! Drink room temperature water, it's better for the body. Ice water puts out your agni, your digestive fire.


When and where do you currently teach?

One Down Dog about 7 classes a week. I also do private sessions for families or individuals. Everything from yoga with weights to laying on the floor in supported poses the whole time. 


Where can our readers find you? (Instagram, Website, etc) 

@caitran on instagram