Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by Dr. Vikram Tarugu

Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by Dr. Vikram Tarugu

Benefits of Chlorophyll Water by 

Dr. Vikram Tarugu

My name is Dr. Vikram Tarugu,  CEO of Detox of South Florida, a gastroenterologist and medical professional.


What are the some of the main benefits of drinking chlorophyll water?

  • Skin healing

  • Blood builder

  • Detoxification and cancer

  • Weight loss

  • A natural deodorant

Chlorophyll has been known as an anti-aging remedy/clearer/glower skin, can you talk about how/why?

Chlorophyllin can also function well with mild to moderate acne. Patients with acne and large pores reported skin relief following 3 weeks after using topical chlorophyllin cream. Chlorophyllin has been shown to minimize inflammation in skin wounds and to suppress bacterial growth.

Can you speak on chlorophyll water's antioxidant and detox properties?

Chlorophyll Water has the ability to restore the chemical and cellular layers in our bodies. Chlorophyll Water helps our whole body by helping to wash away disease-causing pollutants, encouraging relaxation and protecting the heart by becoming a highly active antioxidant.

Can you speak on chlorophyll's 'boost in energy’ and 'oxygenating' properties?

Chlorophyll, also regarded as the "Green Miracle of Nature," has oxygenating powers. A sufficiently oxygenated atmosphere increases the stress balance and optimizes the efficiency of the brain and body. Chlorophyll Oil, the origins of the oxygen supply from the mother nature.

Overall, is drinking chlorophyll water good for your health?

Yes. It has a lot of health benefits.