Benefits of Chlorophyll by Niyla Carson, Nutritionist

Benefits of Chlorophyll by Niyla Carson, Nutritionist

Niyla Carson has graduated in Food Science and Human Nutrition and currently works as the nutritionist of FFMP. She is passionate about nutrition and her life’s mission is to teach people that living healthy isn’t as hard as they think. 

What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is best known as the green pigment that makes plants green. Along with sunlight, plants use chlorophyll to get their needed nutrients. Moreover, it also has certain vitamins, antioxidants, and other therapeutic properties.

What is the difference between chlorophyll and chlorophyllin?

The main difference between chlorophyll and chlorophyllin is that the latter is made from the former. Chlorophyllin is often used for treating constipation and gas or flatulence, and controlling body, fecal, and urine odors, usually for the elderly.

What are the benefits of chlorophyll drops, liquid chlorophyll, and chlorophyll water?

The benefits of chlorophyll products include toxin absorption along with detoxification. It also acts as an internal deodorant, fighting bodily odors like sweat, stools, urine, bad breath, and menstrual odors. It may also support weight loss. Moreover, these are also known to build one’s blood by improving the quality of red blood cells.

What are your thoughts about chlorophyll being ranked as the #1 ingredient trend for 2022?

I believe that chlorophyll deserves the number 1 spot in the best ingredients list. It is generally safe and beneficial, as long as people will consume it in moderation. Consuming more than the advised intake could result in certain side effects like digestive problems and diarrhea.