Antioxidant Benefits of Chlorophyll by Dr. Waqas Mahmood

Antioxidant Benefits of Chlorophyll  by Dr. Waqas Mahmood

Antioxidant Benefits of Chlorophyll 

by  Dr. Waqas Mahmood
Chlorophyll is a bright green member of the most primary pigments in plants that are involved in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll helps in trapping sunlight (light energy) and converting it into chemical energy through the synthesis of organic compounds. The importance of chlorophyll can be seen throughout the plant kingdom as it’s involved in the conversion energy of every organism. Most recently we have studied chlorophyll in detail for our humanistic instincts. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins have been found to provide healing for our body systems. 

Chlorophyllin is a supplement of chlorophyll. The main difference between them is that chlorophyll has magnesium and chlorophyllin has copper for maximum health benefits. Supplements are more stable as compared to chlorophyll which does not survive long enough in our system for the absorption to happen in our gut system. 

Some of the major distinguished benefits for chlorophyll have been 

  • Healing of the skin 
  • Building your blood and cleansing it 
  • Detoxifying your body and curing cancer 
  • It also helps with weight loss by two folds 
  • It can also help with body odor and by acting as a natural deodorant.
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