Adri Kyser

Adri Kyser

Adri Kyser
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 Hours level.
Faculty for a 300-hr Yoga Teacher Training.
Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Mentor. 
International Wellness Expert, Coach, Speaker, and Yoga Teacher
Founder of Enlightened Alchemy™
Flower Mound, TX 

Tell us about yourself, your story, where you are from, practice, etc.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela where I went to Law School for two years before moving to the US. My mom introduced me to metaphysics, Ayurveda, meditation, and crystal healing at an early age. I was about 14 years old when she took me to a yoga class and the funny part is that I hated it! But years later, all the seeds she planted finally took root. I now teach Intro to Ayurveda courses, use crystal healing, and teach yoga on a regular basis. 

How and why did you start yoga? 

I used to suffer from chronic pain for over a decade and I decided to give yoga a try to help me reduce stress and find relief from pain. I immediately fell in love with the practice and within months I enrolled in a teacher training program for personal growth. I never thought I would be teaching but the Universe had a different plan. Before I even finished my training I was offered a job at a local studio and at a gym. 
Today, 15 years later, I’m still teaching and leading yoga trainings, retreats, and special events worldwide. 

Who was your great mentor/teacher?

Shiva Rea. 

Tell us your practice style and how did you choose your yoga method?

My main style is Prana Vinyasa as created by Shiva Rea but I also add my personal spin to it. I’m a certified Pilates teacher and incorporate alignment into my classes using a combination of Pilates and yoga cues. These energetic and physical alignments help my students create a strong foundation and get the most out of their practice.  

Teaching vinyasa allows me to be creative, helping my students achieve a state of flow using movement and breath. As student, I’m drawn to a vinyasa practice that is mindful, well-sequenced, and inspirational. Preparing the mind, body and soul for an incredible experience on the mat, a great flow takes the form of moving meditation. I stay away from vinyasa classes that move super-fast and/or lack spiritual components.

What obstacles has yoga helped you overcome?

Chronic pain, low self-esteem, feeling inadequate. Yoga helped me connect with my body and improve my relationship with it. It helped me become aware of some of the negative patterns I was replaying in my head and heal from the inside out. Yoga also helped become more aware of my actions and thoughts and it deepened my connection with God. 

What is your mind set when you step onto the mat?

It varies. Most days I’m excited and cannot wait to practice and other days not so much. When I’m avoiding something or feeling less energized, that is when I step onto my mat even more. The driving force is knowing that I always feel better after yoga!  When did you understand you wanted to be a yoga teacher? 
When I experienced first hand the positive impact yoga was having on my health, my body, confidence levels, my relationships. I always wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives and yoga helped me to make that childhood dream a reality.  

When did you understand you wanted to be a yoga teacher? 

When I experienced firsthand the positive impact yoga was having on my health, body, confidence, and relationships. I’ve always wanted to make a positive impact in people’s lives and yoga helps me make that childhood dream a reality.  

What is the most rewarding part of being a yoga teacher?

Seeing my students evolve and grow in their practice on and off the mat. I love making a positive impact and connecting with students on a deeper level. 

Why is yoga so important for the times we’re living in?

Aside from the most obvious benefits of reducing stress, promoting positivity, and mental clarity, I believe yoga helps with personal and spiritual development. It deepens the connection with your body, your beliefs and who you are at your core. 
Becoming more aware of your actions and thoughts, it helps you take charge of what you want to create in your life and the things you want experience. It also helps you become more receptive, understanding, kinder, and inclusive. All of which is needed in a world where we can be easily get divided by politics, different ways of thinking, and disconnected from humanity due to the over use of technology.

How important is living a healthy lifestyle (clean eating/eating healthy for example) important to the yogi lifestyle?

The mind, body and emotions are connected and what affects one will affect the other two. The more we practice yoga and live a yogic lifestyle, the more we become aware of this connection. I’ve witnessed this firsthand, both in my practice and in my students practice. How the things happen in your inner and outer world will be mirrored in your yoga practice and in life. 

For example, if you have many nights without sleeping or you feel out of balance, you may have a hard time doing balancing poses on the mat. 

I’ve also noticed that when I eat clean and take better care of my body, I feel better and my yoga practice improves. My mind is clearer, I have more energy, and I feel great. Eating clean doesn’t mean that I don't enjoy a delicious pizza or a nice piece of chocolate from time to time, I simply make better choices when it comes to the quality of food I choose to eat.

Any natural ingredients and/or vitamins (example: Chlorophyll, Vitamin b12) that you recommend? And why? 

Yes. Probiotics for gut health, Vitamin B12 for energy. Essential oils (certified pure from trusted source) for mood, meditation, and overall wellness. Multivitamins from trusted sources.

How important is hydrating/drinking water to the yoga lifestyle/your practice? 

Our bodies are made mostly of water (about 60%) and staying hydrated is part of healthy living. Water helps your body function at its best, flush toxins out your system, and lubricates your joints. If you practice hot yoga, please make sure you replenish the loss of fluid due to sweating. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. I find it best to drink warm temperature water throughout the day rather than gulping cold water in one take.
According to Ayurveda, warm water aids digestion while cold water (or any  drinks) shocks the system and may reduce “agni”, the transformative power within the body. This transformative fire includes absorption, assimilation, and digestion of ideas, emotions, and food. When it comes to cold water and the digestive fire (agni), cold water may reduce the strength of the digestive fire needed for proper digestion.

Your favorite quote?

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Young. 

Where we can we find you?

Instagram, website, etc

website : 




Anything else you want to share?

I have an online studio with over 100 yoga and pilates classes, meditations, tutorials, pranayama and more. All classes are 20 minutes or less and can be customized to your specific needs that day. You can choose from easy and restorative to energizing and challenging classes.