Chlorophyll Water® Donation

$14.99 (Case of 12)

Chlorophyll Water’s mission is to hydrate the bodies of the children, women, and men who don’t have access to one of life’s most basic necessities, Water. We also know that after a disaster, when people may lose that access, we have a role to play and no time to waste. We believe access to drinking water is a fundamental human right. Water, the life-giving source that feeds our bodies, and hydrates our minds can mean life or death for a person or family in need. That is why we are committed to providing Chlorophyll Water to those in need and to those communities in times of extreme weather events and emergencies.

For every case of Chlorophyll Water purchased online, our community will have the option to send a donated case of Chlorophyll Water to support those in need as a subsidized donation of just $14.99 to cover all courier, packaging, shipping and handling costs to one of three charitable causes. Sold in cases of 12.

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